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50 Signs you’re a Bad Neighbor

Posted Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 at 1:00 am by Neighborbee in Media Buzz. More in 10010

This is a great article that was sent to us by, which is a unique organization that helps the American public with the challenges of changing an address.  Click here to learn more about them.

We all have neighbors that we could really do without, right?  You know the people that I am talking about…  It might however surprise you that to someone else YOU are one of those people that they just can’t stand to have as a neighbor.  So, you might be wondering how you know if you are one such person.  Funny you should ask as I find myself in the same predicament.  So, after a bit of soul searching and digging in my memory I came up with the following 50 signs that you are a bad neighbor:

Pets – Nobody has an issue with you having a cat or dog, usually if something comes up it is more how you are taking care of the pet or not that becomes an issue like:

  • You let your dog out of the house late at night or early in the morning and they bark a lot (and loudly).
  • You let your dog out and don’t quickly let them back in so they scratch and scratch at your door (while barking loudly).
  • You let your dog go to the bathroom in your yard and don’t clean up (so your yard is a mine field).
  • You walk your pet but don’t keep them on a leash.
  • You let your dog or cat roam the neighborhood (because “everyone loves them”).
  • Your dog has a problem with biting yet you tie them up outside your home for extended time periods.
  • You let your dog dig holes in your yard making it less than attractive which reflects on the neighborhood.
  • Your dog is outside so much the grass is worn down from their chain dragging back and forth as they run and bark at people passing by.
  • You don’t clean up after your dog when they go to the bathroom in your neighbor’s yard.
  • You let your cat or dog fight with other pets in the neighborhood.

Kids – Who doesn’t love the sound of kids playing and having a good time in the neighborhood?  Well you might be surprised…  In general it’s not a problem but watch out if you allow one of the following:

  • You let your kids TP or “egg” other houses in the neighborhood (yes, even if it is one of their “friends”).
  • You let your kids run wild outside with no apparent adult supervision.
  • You buy your kids three wheelers, go carts, mini bikes, and other loud and annoying toys and then let them go wherever they please as long as they stay close to home.
  • You let your kids buy fireworks and allow every Saturday night to be the 4th of July.
  • You let your kids have lots of parties (even if it’s not on a school night).
  • If you buy your child all the best toys and then they run around the neighborhood bragging to other kids (usually resulting in those kids pestering their parents for the same type of gifts).
  • If you are constantly going to the neighbors asking them to support one of your child’s causes (brownies, cub scouts, school, band, sports teams, etc.).  Your neighbors don’t need so many magazines and candybars, give them a break!
  • If your yard is the neighborhood football or baseball field…
  • If you let your kids play basketball in the driveway late at night or early in the morning (especially on the weekends).
  • If your kids leave toys in the neighbors yard all the time… eventually it gets old.

Yard – Everyone understands that working in the yard is not a lot of fun, but it is important to the overall look of the neighborhood.  You could find yourself in trouble with the neighbors if you do one of the following:

  • You are always late mowing your yard so the grass is always long and always results in you needing to rake.
  • You always mow your lawn late at night or early in the morning (in case you don’t get it… that also goes for trimming).
  • In the Fall if you never rake your leaves because they will naturally decompose.
  • If you don’t take care of dead grass or yellowing grass in your yard.
  • If you let your bushes and trees die and never remove or replace them.
  • If you park 10 cars in your backyard and run a private car dealership or junkyard (whichever you prefer to call it).
  • If you let your yard get over-run by weeds (yes dandelions included they aren’t pretty yellow flowers).
  • If you always water your yard (even after weeks of rain).
  • If you feel that every inch of your yard must contain a pink flamingo or other “lawn ornament.”
  • If you build the largest monstrosity of a swingset/clubhouse in your yard.

House – Just like with your yard there are basic expectations that need to be met with your home as well to keep you in good standing with the neighbors.  You could have issues if you…

  • NEVER, ever wash your windows and it’s clear that they are covered in dirt and other grime.
  • If you don’t keep your house paint looking decent (if it is chipping, repaint).
  • If you paint your house the brightest of colors to be “different” you probably will be… forever “different.”
  • If you never wash your house or if you don’t know what power washing your house is… you might have a problem.
  • If you leave your Christmas lights on your house all year long, people will NOT admire your holiday spirit.
  • If you in general always decorate for every single holiday and go “all out.”
  • If you start a lot of home improvement projects, but never finish them.
  • If you like to talk to neighbors about how much bigger/better your house is than their house (give us a break, we know you are awesome).
  • If you always have a sign in your yard from a contractor working in your home (okay maybe it’s their trucks and the workers always being around).
  • If your home alarm system goes off ALL THE TIME, you will eventually annoy your neighbors and they won’t come check on you.

Random – There are some other things that can make you a less-than-desirable neighbor that you may or may not appreciate knowing like:

  • If you park an RV, boat, and five cars in a driveway that is meant for a max of 3 cars.
  • If you ALWAYS park in the street right behind your neighbor’s driveway.
  • If you have tons of parties at your house and all your friends park in the street blocking the neighborhood.
  • If you have LOUD, I mean LOUD parties (even if they are rare).
  • If you argue a lot with your spouse or yell at your children a lot it tends to make you less popular with the neighbors.
  • If you like to pull pranks or practical jokes a lot on neighbors it could get old (flaming dog poo, etc.).
  • If you feel the need to have campaign posters/yard signs up all year long, you will probably get negative feedback.
  • If you burn leaves and or other things in your yard (who does that still, seriously…)
  • If you have a yard sale or garage sale every week (that’s considered a retail shop at that point)
  • If you sit outside and talk to EVERYONE that passes by, people may not find you as charming as you think they do.

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