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Spirituality – Bee Spiritual: Bee here, bee present… Bee Spiritual

Posted Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 3:30 pm by Marissa in Cultural Bees. More in 10023

It’s tough being spiritual. It’s tough being in NYC. It’s tough being spiritual in NYC. Here at BEE SPIRITUAL, we will make it easier for you. Every other Friday, you will get tips, information, events, lectures and other gems on how to get even more zen. It’s so important in a capacious city like ours, to keep your scene serene.

In a city of millions of people, you can easily get caught up in the working from 9-5, then heading to happy hour from 5-9 scene. Dating, shopping and thinking about who to date and where to shop takes up the rest of your spare time. Take a step back guys. Make your New Year’s resolutions happen before the first of the year and start TODAY. Maintain a sense of self as you sashay down the city steets in your designer garb, bouncing your head to the tunes in your IPOD.

Find the time to Bee Spiritual:

Tip # 1: Never Put Yourself Last.

Cleanse the body, cleanse your soul: Zoe Sakoutis created The Blueprint Cleanse which is launching this week. In this three-tiered custom program, you can choose which level you feel you are ready for. You are supplied six 16-ounce bottles of freshly prepared juice per day, either veggie or fruit-based with a blended papaya foundation For $50 per day, it actually can come out to less expensive and better for you than your current diet!

It’s time to stop smoking cigarettes, don’t ya think? Check out EFT for Smoking Cessation: A Revolutionary Technique. Either way you cut it, smoking is about breathing and relaxing for most of us. This method of releasing emotions which may be causing you to smoke has empowered drones of people to kick the habit. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose besides the addiction. This Monday, the 27th and Nov 3rd & 6th at 8:30 PM; Fee: $60 for sessions. Space is limited so call Karen L. Arthur, LCSW at 212-947-7111, ext 364. Location is at 19 W. 34th (between 5th and 6th ave), Penthouse.

Fall for some Yoga. On Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm, The New York Open Center offers a drop-in Yoga class. A general hatha yoga class will be taught and is open to all levels. Mats are available and classes are only $12 each. Sign up for 4 classes for only $40. Or…bring a friend and pay $8 each! For more information, call 212-219-2527, ext. 2.

Think about it. Meditation is not beyond your reach, in fact it is by definition – within your reach. At the New york Core Center, find yourself welcomed by  OSHO into a womb-like dark room where you will learn to deeply relax. This event is tonight, Friday the 24th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm. 115 E.23rd St, 12th floor. Admission is $15 per person.

Between your cleanse, kicking the habit, meditating and doing some yoga – you should be quite busy until we meet again in two weeks. However, if you have any questions about recommendations for yoga studios or retreats, ways to meditate or how to beat stress – leave a question below and I will be sure to answer at least one reader each post. Keep your zen on lock ’til then.

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