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Bee Latin: The Disgrace of the PR Parade

Posted Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Ismael in Media Buzz. More in 10023

Sportscaster Warner Wolf when working on Channel 2 news used to announce the “Boo of the Week” well the disgrace of the Puerto Rican/Latin Community is the choice of International Godfather of the Puerto Rican Day Parade taking place Sunday June 13. The selection of Osvaldo Rios for this position has created a lot of anger. Rios an actor who’s appeared in various soap operas (in Spanish Novellas) as stated in a letter sent to the Board of Directors of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade “Mister Rios has been convicted and served time for Domestic Violence! They add: “He has a history of violence against women in other relationships. Mister Rios does not represent the best of our community. It is one thing for Rios to face up to his ills and crimes, and challenge himself to make changes in his relationship with intimate partners and redeem himself. But this obviously has not been the case. Hearing the calls from women asking him not to accept the honor indicates that Mr. Rios is still not listening to the collective voice of women affected by abuse!

Then again if one were at the press conference for the PR Parade which took place at the Center for Puerto Rican Studies located at Hunter College one will see women in charge of the parade, beauty queens, and several women working for the Latin Media being honored. So how is it that this batterer of women got to be chosen? Why didn’t anyone say something!

Going back to the letter: Here’s another good point and it states clearly! “Mister Rios is not the lone culprit.  The board of directors’ decision is unacceptable and should be immediately withdrawn. This is just another example of this board not hearing or caring for the reality of the women in their community. From sexual assault of women at the parade (the incident took place in the 2000 PR Parade) to Rios being selected as the Godfather, this board has shown little respect to all women in particular Puerto Women!

Several elected officials Melissa Mark-Viverito, Rosie Mendez, Annabel Palma, Maria Del Carmen Arroyo, Julissa Ferreras, and Assemblyman Carmen Arroyo have stated proudly they will boycott the parade. If they do boycott the parade, they should be saluted for taking a stance!

These three reasons clearly back up the title of this article, “The disgrace of the Puerto Rican Parade”

1-The role of the board of directors of the parade

2-The selection of Rios

3-The ignorance of the board

What do you think?

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