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New York City Film – Bee Reel: The Pioneer Theater’s Current Festival will “Schlock” You

Posted Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 11:00 am by Jessica in Cultural Bees. More in 10003

From horror classics like Night of the Living Dead and Blood Sucking Freaks to occult flicks such as Goth Kill to documentaries on the “Gill-Man ,” Schlocktober at the Pioneer Theater has something for everyone this Halloween.

If you’ve never been to this adorable movie house, it’s kind of like if your cool, stoner friend came into his inheritance and built a movie theater. It’s modest but pristine, equipped with tons of snacks though they’re totally laid back about guests bringing stuff in from the deli across the street, every screening starts about 10 minutes late, they turn a blind eye to pot-smoking during the show and it’s likely the filmmaker and/or the stars will turn up during the credits for an extremely informal Q&A.

The Pioneer is a throwback to the midnight movie houses of the 1970’s that premiered cult classics like Pink Flamingos and The Rocky Horror Picture Show . It’s a landmark of New York subculture and this October, it’s showcasing some rare gems of the horror elk.

Early in the month, I saw Poultrygeist , a gloriously revolting, side-splitting horror/comedy/musical about Native American spirits inhabiting chicken meat and waging a zombie war on the fast-food joint built on their burial ground. I also saw The Incredible Melting Man , which, despite some laughably wooden performances, was a pretty fun ride with an iconic finale. I most recently went to Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie – a major understatement considering this small documentary is not a Bigfoot movie at all. But before I could get my panties all in a bunch over the fact that there would be no blood, guts or monsters, I was taken by this moving portrait of the kooky things that people living below the poverty line put their faith in just to get through the day.

The films in this series have a way of making you feel like you’re being let in on a secret, or like you’re part of an “in” crowd of freak-scholars. Choose anything at random and while it will certainly not be the next Lawrence of Arabia, it’s good for the sort of cheap thrills that Halloween is all about.

For the full schedule, visit .

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