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New York City Restaurants – Dish Buzz: Bloomingdale Road

Posted Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 at 7:59 pm by Lara in Social Bees. More in

Bloomingdale Road

I’ve wanted to visit Bloomingdale Road since reading about the concept months back, but I wanted to give them a few months to settle in. Reviews I’d been reading were all over the place, but I finally decided forget all of their opinions. I was off to make my own.

A mixture of small plates and bites, salads, sliders, pastas, and main meat courses, the menu has a subtle upscale Southern flare and makes use of all natural meats and organic local produce and dairy as much as possible. The music featured classic rock, from “Sweet Home Alabama” to Aerosmith. When I saw the dinner menu had a side dish of cheese grits, I couldn’t help but wonder how this place could not be good.

From the main door, the restaurant appeared to be small, the space looking to be cut off by the bar area which shot off diagonally from the hostess stand. However, the main dining area was quite large and was in the back and away from the hostess. Their wine list was a little on the pricier side with the majority falling between $11-$14 by the glass. They did have a beer list though ranging from $5-$8.

We chose to start with an order of Witt’s Mac & Cheese, named after the restaurant’s chef, Ed Witt. While the mac & cheese did not have the lovely breadcrumb sheath I prefer, it was cooked to the degree as to create a nice crispy cheese shell crown atop the mound of pasta. The cheese sauce was a little on the runny side, although it was quite good cheese – presumably a white cheddar. The toppings made the dish though, with your options being croutons, bacon, fried pasta, or the selection no one chose at our table, the pickled jalapenos. The bacon was just what the pasta needed along with the sharpness of the cheese to provide it with a little added punch.

Ham & Cheese Ravioli, Bloomingdale RoadFor the main course, I was all set to try the cedar roasted wild salmon I found listed on a menu online. Strike that, as their menu has since changed. Instead, I opted for the pan roasted chicken. Having guilted away from chicken due to writing these reviews, I couldn’t resist the urge to return to my comfort food of choice. At $19, this was one of the cheaper entree options but they did not skimp on the portion size. My friend’s pork chop might be my favorite of the entrees, pairing tender pork chops with cheese grits and caramelized apples. The ham and cheese ravioli was also an interesting take on ravioli, pairing cheddar-filled ravioli with a dijon sauce and a sprinkling of ham on top.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Tart, Bloomingdale RoadAnd you know my sweet tooth… this time, I would say if you have to scrimp on cost somewhere, it should definitely not be the dessert, as it would be the overall winner of the meal, hands down. The peanut butter and jelly tart, which came served with marshmallow ice cream. Words do not come close to describing this dessert, which has to be one of the most unique and tasty things I’ve had… well basically ever.

If nothing else, I’d say pull up a chair at the bar. Get some mac & cheese followed by the peanut butter and jelly tart, and enjoy with a glass of wine of your choosing. A nice treat on a cold fall night.

Bloomingdale Road – 2398 Broadway (at West 88th Street) – 212.874.7400 – Reservations Optional

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