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Brooklyn Sting: June 5th/6th/7th – Buzzy Weekend In The BK

Posted Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 at 9:33 pm by Tara in Cultural Bees. More in 11232

This weekend it's all about brooklyn...

It didn’t take me long to realize that for many New Yorkers Brooklyn might as well be in Belgium for all the interest they have in visiting it. For the most die-hard Manhattanites, a drink in Brooklyn can seem as pointlessly difficult as a pint in Milton Keynes would be for your average Londoner. Soon after moving in I was amused to find that when I’d meet friends for dinner  downtown I’d get earnest inquiries into “my journey” and questions about how I was planning on getting home alone. Reassurances that I only lived a stop away from Canal Street were greeted with wry shrugs and disbelieving smiles.

At first I tried to persuade everyone I met of my neighborhood’s charms: how attractive the borough is, how easy it is to get to, how much great stuff goes down there. Then I realized that it really wasn’t in my best interests to try to hype Bococa as a leafier off-shoot of the Lower East Side.  After all, the bridge still does a pretty great job of keeping the tourists (and the suits) out. 

All the more fun for us, eh? So here, for all those fellow Brooklynites and BKLYN lovers, are my top picks for an arty, crafty, boozy, filmic, chilled-out, ramped-up weekend right here in the borough … courtesy of the fine folk at the  Atlantic Avenue Art Walk, Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival, Brooklyn International Film Festival and the Annual Renegade Craft Fair. Good times!

Here’s all the info you need to plan your perfect (recession-friendly) Brooklyn Weekend:

From Friday evening to sundown on Saturday the Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival promises the best music, dance and theater Brooklyn can offer… and all for free. With the fresh farm produce, harbour kayaking and a sunset salsa party, this is one festival definitely worth taking the bus (or the free shuttle) to. 

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the Atlantic Avenue Art Walk looks set to draw the city’s art-lovers to one of the most unique and diverse streets in Brooklyn with the promise of curated art tours, special screenings, block parties and discounted food and drink at many of the neighborhood’s bars and restaurants. See the website for details of mural walks, live performances and receptions where you can hob-nob with up-and-coming local and international artists.

The 12th Annual Brooklyn Film Fest starts on Friday 5th June and runs until Saturday 14th, with a whole host of parties and an incredible program of films showing at the independent Brooklyn Heights Cinema on Henry Street. $25 dollars gets you in to see four movies of your choice, but real film buffs might be tempted by the $100 free pass that lets you see anything and everything you want.

As if this wasn’t already far too much fun for one weekend, Greenpoint and Williamsburg hipsters can get their craft on at the Renegade Fair. Running from 11am-7pm Saturday and Sunday in McCaren Park, this free annual fair promises 300 of the finest indie crafters and some decent food to keep you going when shopper’s fatigue hits.

And that’s just the events I’ve stumbled across… so let me know if you’ve got any great tips for Brooklyn-based hi-jinks this weekend.

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