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All Things New York – Concierge Corner 2008 Holiday Green-Gift Guide: Marissa gifts it to you, again.

Posted Monday, December 15th, 2008 at 9:00 am by Marissa in Healthy Bees. More in 10011

Whether you’re in it or not, there is a green movement taking place. Chances are, someone in your circle is into sustainability, just like you’re into Gossip Girl. Welcome to the first ever Green-Gift Guide here on NeighborbeeBlog!  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite green-friendly gifts, most of which don’t even require you leaving the house to purchase. I know, you’re so excited to shop in your pajamas. Well, as long as they are organic, and you just downed some soy milk and Kashi, we are set. Happy Shopping, and be sure to make an effort to be as green as possible this Holiday season, and in the new year!

Who: That one person who is anal about their bed being tidy.  Or, reap the benefits and purchase a set for your lover.
What: Organic Damask Sheets Queen Set will run you about $80.
Why: Let’s see…they keep you warm, are chemical-free and affordable.
When: Call before you go. These bad-boys are popular. And for the price, they will go quickly.
Where: 2KH at 458 W. 17th St. Call for more info and sizes if needed, 212.675.9400.

Who: Your friend who talks about how expensive it is to eat organically.
What: Eco-friendly (and heat-resistant) items for the kitchen. Prices vary.
Why: Did we not just go through this? Go green, or go home! Wait….you are home. Well, just go green.
When: Order by this Monday, December 15th to assure they arrive on time.
Where: Get your goods here.

Who: Anyone who loves Mother Nature.
What: Get a membership to an outdoors club.
Why: They enjoy being outside.  A tent is too awkward to carry on the L train! Prices vary.
When: The Holidays (or anytime, actually)!
Where: Outdoors, Sierra Club or Surfrider – to name a few.

Who: Eco-friendly cleaning services
What: It’s clean and green  – they wipe and steam. Why not…who doesn’t need a cleaning service nowadays. Prices vary.
Why: Because it’s so much easier getting a gift certificate for someone than hinting at their place being a rats nest.
When: The sooner, the better.
Where: Zen Home Cleaning

Who: The person obsessed with pop-culture but isn’t too concerned about the environment just yet.
What: A guide to help save money just about everywhere, step by step – for only $15.
Why: In two months, they will be saving money and taking you out to celebrate.
When: Order by this Monday, December 15th to assure it arrives on time.
Where: Ready, Set, Green.

Who: The eco-freak. They comment on how smelly restaurant soap is and asks if yours at home is organic before using it.
What: Hands down the favorite when it comes to au natural peeps – The Burt’s Bees Nourishing GIft Set for $20.
Why: When you shake their hand, you don’t have to ask if it’s clean. And that is just their hand, mind you.
When: Order by this Monday, December 15th.
Where: The Burt’s Bees Nourishing GIft Set.

If you have a request for a green-product, please holler. I am here to serve. Until next year…

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