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Dish Buzz: Cupcake Stop

Posted Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 8:14 am by Lara in Cultural Bees. More in 10011

Cupcake Stop, Preview Night

Cupcake Stop, Preview Night

Friday before last (May 22nd), I made sure to make it over for the Cupcake Stop’s “preview night” in advance of their actual grand opening day today. I’m an advocate of all sweets and even better when they’re on wheels en route to me. I was worried, as they were getting close to making a move. Thankfully I checked them on Twitter and made it there before they switched from their spot on 23rd and 6th to closer towards Union Square. I know some people are still on the fence about Twitter, but with vendors on wheels, it’s truly the way to go.

The preview night menu included triple chocolate, red velvet, and Oreo crumb. I liked the option in sizes. I love my sweets, but sometimes just having them available in one size (size mucho) can be a bit much. For just a dollar, you can get the smaller version. I’d say about three bites worth, so a fair sample. For $2.25, you can get the standard size. For the preview route, they had all options available in both sizes.

Red Velvet, Oreo Crumb - Cupcake Stop Preview Night

Oreo Crumb & Red Velvet - Cupcake Stop Preview Night

I chose to get a small red velvet and a large Oreo crumb, since I was curious to see their spin on the oreo. I started with the red velvet. I’ve been on a run of having red velvet in places where the icing was not the appropriate cream cheese. I’m not sure if it was real cream cheese, but it was pretty darn good. The consistency was very creamy and rich, which I appreciated. I was, however, disappointed in the actual cake part. It was almost too moist to get out of the wrapper. I had to dig out the top part of the cake and then split it in half to make sure there was enough icing for the other half which was way too much to figure out as I maneuvered my way down 23rd on foot. The cake was definitely done – I just think the consistency was off. The taste was not bad, just way too moist.

At the Counter - Cupcake Stop

At the Counter - Cupcake Stop

I was a little confused by the Oreo. In an Oreo, the majority of the flavor is chocolate, however in this cupcake it was a very subtle presence. I think perhaps a chocolate cake base would have made this a more true rendition. The cake itself was actually on the dry side. It was a vanilla cake with little pieces of chocolate cookie mixed in, topped with vanilla icing with large crumbled Oreo cookies on top.  I found myself just wanting chocolate after I finished this one off since it just wasn’t there. Maybe the triple chocolate was the one I should have gone for.

I do think they’ve got a great start here and I’ll definitely be back. I love that their unsold food at the end of the day is donated to charity. I’m curious to see their new offerings and I think the $1 minis are a great option. What I really want to know is when their version on the peanut butter and jelly cupcake will be making an appearance. I’m definitely rooting for this one – some kinks to work out, but I’ll be back to report more here on this arrival onto the Manhattan dessert scene.

Cupcake Stop
10am – 5pm: 5th Avenue bet. 13th and 14th Street
6pm – 10pm: 23rd Street bet. 7th and 8th Avenue

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