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New York City Restaurants – Dish Buzz: Elettaria

Posted Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 6:07 pm by Lara in Cultural Bees. More in 10011

Elettaria, Greenwich VillageSurrounded by low-key restaurants, random shoe shops, and independent coffee shops, it is easy to walk by and fail to notice Eletteria altogether. However, tucked inside is a great little spot, regardless of the occasion for your visit.

With one owner from the Philippines and the other from India, the chef here has opted to take a new spin on American, subtly adding elements common to those two countries to the dishes. Be sure to note the temperature controlled wine room to your right as you go to your seat and to peruse their creative drink menu. I recommend the 8th Wonder, which is chai infused for a little additional kick.

In place of standard sliced bread, each table instead receives fresh naan along with a cucumber raita. If you’re watching carbs, this is one which is splurge-worthy. Portion sizes at this restaurant were just right. Appetizers come big enough to share, but small enough to not overwhelm. The crab meat resala was perfect for sharing. The crab meat was fresh and the gnocchi was different from any I had ever tried before – more crunchy than the typical chewy pasta presentation. The dayboat sea scallops were also quite good. Three decent sized scallops were included and the pairing of the scallops with meyer lemon really brought out their flavor. The menu claimed oxtail was a part of this dish. Thankfully if it was present, it was a subtle addition.

For main courses, the halibut was good but probably not the highlight of the meal. The coconut included in the dish was subtle, and ironically the tapioca was what provided a good balance to the flakiness of the fish. My date had the duck. I am not typically a big fan of duck as I find it to usually be heavy and greasy. Their’s was actually very well done and along with the cardamom was visually quite a colorful and attractive dish.

Coming in, I had read mixed opinions from diners on the desserts. If you’ve read my other reviews though, you’ll note I am a big fan of desserts so it would take some pretty serious lack of skills to disappoint me that badly. The fried milk donuts made with rose water, ginger custard, and chai gelato were amazing. Definitely the best out of the desserts. The dish came with three round donuts and a small scoop of the chai gelato. I’ve been craving chai gelato ever since. The other dessert I tried was the Chocolate Financier, which was served with a curry peanut butter ganach and chocolate brittle. This one was definitely denser and very chocolatey, but was also good. I think it would have been too much though without the donuts to balance it out.

33 West 8th Street at Macdougal Street – 212.677.3833 – Reservations Recommended

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