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dish buzz: world’s first food truck drive-in movie

Posted Monday, July 5th, 2010 at 1:00 am by Lara in Cultural Bees. More in 10038

Lara also is founder and editor of Grits in the City

World's First Food Truck Drive-In Movie - NYC Food Film Festival

World’s First Food Truck Drive-In Movie – NYC Food Film Festival

It seems like forever ago that my friends and I ordered tickets to this event. I was excited about finally having the opportunity to try the food trucks I never seem to come across, who have taunted me as of late as they’ve chosen to park right at the corner of my prior office space at Broad and Water. Go ahead. Rub salt in the wound.

It was quite the visual though. In a parking lot just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, there they were in all their glory – set up around the outlying edges. We started off though at the Cooking Channel’s truck, since we were already glistening (Southern speak for sweating bullets) and had honed in on the free popsicle distribution going on over there. Raspberry basil or jasmine rhubarb. Delish. My friends and I were briefly interviewed, during which they elaborated on their favorite ingredients and recent cooking passions, and I talked about consuming said prepared items, feebly confessing to not being quite the cooks they both were (wince).

I finally made my way to Schnitzel + Things, a vendor who I’ve watched wander the city via Twitter, never seemingly able to make it over before they run out. They had a sample-sized portion of their chicken schnitzel for $4. Very lightly breaded and their signature spicy sriracha mayo is a must have. I also tried a bite of the pizza from Pizzamoto – a fabulous thin crust pizza I was surprised to see come out of a food truck (although their’s was a bit more like a cart). The presentation was simple, but the flaky bottom and thin style reminded me a bit of Co.

Pupusas - Soler Domincan

Pupusas – Soler Domincan

Next up, we tried the pupusas at Soler Dominican. They were a finalist in last year’s Vendy’s and can be found at the Red Hook Ballfields. I found pupusas to be similar to arepas, except to me they tasted more doughy… I guess I would say whereas arepas taste of corn, pupusas had more of a whole wheat bready taste to them. They can be stuffed with your choice of meat, cheese, or veggies and they’re then cooked up on the grill until they are warm and melted. They then asked if we wanted toppings. We asked back if we should and the gentleman emphatically nodded yes, plopping down a clump of pickled cabbage, hot sauce, and sour cream next to our pupusas. We went with the traditional pork and then to mix it up, paired it with the edible flower. I found the casing to be a bit overpowering for the items within. Perhaps I’d say yes next time to the jalapenos they offered. And I’ll say the man was right on the pairing. Kudos man.

Pulled Pork Wafel - Wafels & Dinges

Pulled Pork Wafel – Wafels & Dinges

I nibbled on some other items. The cardamom honey iced tea at the Milk Truck was absolutely delicious. If I wasn’t so maxed out on ice cream from the night before’s sampling courtesy of Max & Mina’s, I would have given their strawberry milk shake a go. I did also have a bite of their grilled cheese with tomato and aioli, which was very well done. A friend came back with the pulled pork wafel, something I’d been curious about for a while and which Al Roker has enthusiastically endorsed. I have to say it was really quite good. Look at it here in all its glory. It is literally pulled pork, barbque sauce, all situated atop a savory wafel. It’s definitly a hefty portion, but the two elements balance nicely. Kudos Wafels & Dinges!Sadly the films began late due to

technical difficulties, so I was only able to watch a portion of the first film, “The Bread Maverick”, which told the tale of Australian breadmaker Roswitha Huber. I was unable to watch the entire film (it was one of the longer ones at 45 minutes). As the film played, we were each given a small sampling of bread with olive oil. I really appreciated the little things throughout the festival which helped to emphasize the food we were seeing on-screen. Perfect. I loved that her husband in the film spoke of building her a special wood-burning oven so she would not have to bend down. Roswitha herself was there in person, speaking briefly before the film began. I understand my friend was even interviewed by someone over from Austria following the film! Euro famous.

Macarella Cookie - Street Sweets

Macarella Cookie – Street Sweets

Before leaving, I had to get something sweet. I try at all cost to avoid any dessert-related trucks as I have quite a problem with sweets. I see them looking at me evily on Twitter speaking of the special flavored cupcake of the day, enticing me to hop on the train no matter how far and queue up in hope that the banana cream custard cupcake or whatever it happens to be is still available by the time I make it. So I allowed myself one treat on the way out – and this time I stopped at Streets Sweets, a truck I’d yet to visit. I was initially wooed by the their whoopie pies looking at me in the display (pumpkin – hello, awesome – thanks for contributing to the year-round pumpkin initiative). However, I heard their macarella was their signature item – sort of like a flat version of a macaroon with a thin layer of Nutella in the middle – so I decided to go with that. I really liked it. It was crispier than most cookies due to the thin nature of the top and the bottom, and it was just a touch of Nutella. Overall it came off very light and not overly sweet. A nice end to an extremely hot day! Intrigued by the macarella? Try it out yourself!

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