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Fitness Buzz: Top of the rock – No, not that Rock!

Posted Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 at 7:53 am by David T in Healthy Bees. More in 10036


Rock Climbing!

This article is from David Tacheny, founder of Performance Athletics, which is located on the Upper West Side.

Simply stated, the rock climbing gym at Manhattan Plaza Health Club (482 W.43rd street in Manhattan) is a fun fitness activity gem!  I went climbing at MPHC again recently, to see if it would live up to my memory of the standard manager Bill Baer and his team had set during my first visit a few weeks back.

To start off, a quick walk from the Times Square subway station, the place couldn’t be easier to get to. The staff is younger, chatty and energetic, as you might expect, but very knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions or give advice on anything from equipment to safety, to how to solve problems on the wall. In fact, the club boasts that each staff member has a minimum of 3 years of outdoor climbing experience, a safety feature that sets it apart from other facilities in the city.

The facility itself is fantastic, despite being a bit tricky to find, as you must enter the club proper and then proceed upstairs and back outside, onto the roof patio area to gain entrance to the climbing gym. With over 5000 square feet of diverse climbing surface, top rope climbing and bouldering areas, equipment rentals for as low as $3.00 and good music, this climbing gym could easily sit back and rest on its reputation, but instead they’re committed to keeping things challenging and exciting for their patrons and guests.

One of the main benefits of rock climbing, in the gym or outside, is that it challenges the brain and body to work together and push each other. The brain says, “I can do that,” but the body says, “think again.” Or the brain says, “no way, pal,” but the body finds a way to succeed. To ensure climbers continue to get the most out of their sport for what their putting in, Baer and his staff completely redo the gym with 60 new routes every month! This takes an incredible amount of work and attention to detail, but it means that you can return again and again and never get bored. Whatever level climber you are, as soon as you think you’ve got a route mastered, it’s gone, and another challenge is put before you.

This time around the gym was much busier than before (Saturday noon versus mid-week evening). This worried me at first, but I needn’t have been. The atmosphere at MPHC is relaxed, polite and accepting. People are always willing to step back, let others have a turn and help each other out. Finally make a nice move after having tried for an hour and you may even earn yourself a “nice climb” and slight round of applause from some new friends.

My only quip with this facility is that they don’t have a “locker room” per se or bathroom in the climbing area. You have to go back outside and into the club for those facilities. They have a changing area and coat lockers, but to make it easy on yourself, change and use the bathroom before you go, unless you’re interested in joining the club so you can use the locker rooms.

You can learn all about the Manhattan Plaza Health Club Rock Climbing Gym by clicking on or following the link to your right.

You can also give them a call at: 212-563-7001.

The gym is open Monday through Thursday 7AM to 10pm, Friday 12noon to 10pm, and weekends 12noon to 8pm.

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