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Fitness Buzz: Yoga for the Fierce

Posted Monday, April 20th, 2009 at 7:37 am by sherri in Healthy Bees. More in 10012


I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying that I’m not a huge fan of yoga. This probably stems from when I was in middle school, if you didn’t play on a sport (I was cut from the basketball team), you were required to do yoga and ping pong in the auditorium while the sports teams practiced.  Let’s just say this was not a highlight of my adolescent years. Still, many people in my life (including my best friend and my sister) swear by it. I’ve taken several classes and always found myself getting bored, and not being able to focus on the relaxation/breathing element of it. I always seem to leave with the same feeling: “Is that really considered a workout?!”

On DailyCandy I read about The Fierce Club, “rock and roll yoga to kick your asana.” That intrigued me – maybe a yoga class minus the Enya would be a better fit for me! On the studio’s website, the description for Sadie Nardini‘s class (she’s one of the co-founders) begins, “if you get bored easily in yoga class, want an incredible workout and are adventurous, whatever your level, this class is for you!” This really was the yoga class for me. I headed to her 11am the next day.

Sadie was animated from the moment she walked into the room. She emitted a very relaxed/chill vibe that made me feel very comfortable about being there even though I was new.

That day, a “fan” of hers was there (a woman on vacation who came specifically take her class) who Sadie willingly took a few souvenir photos with. I didn’t realize that she’s an online legend – with  hundreds of yoga videos on YouTube, a blog for, and a top-selling DVD on Amazon.  About five minutes before class, the ‘regulars’ started showing up. Sadie knew their names and they all seemed to know each other. It was very neighborhood-esque.

To start, we were given an analogy about a girl who had a tattoo of a lock on her wrist, and planned on getting a key tattooed on other when she found a person who could “unlock it.” After several years, she decided to get the key tattoo anyway though she had still not found that special someone. Sadie connected this to real life – we can be our own keys (we don’t need someone to unlock us). She said “you are your own soul mate… if you go on a date with yourself and it sucks, you can always get up and leave.” Sounds a little cheesy, but the way she talks to the class makes you trust her and feel inspired. I did!

We started the sequence which was definitely faster paced that other yoga classes I’ve taken, and the moves were mostly geared toward the abs and core. The music was cool and familiar, although, I wouldn’t necessarily call it “rock and roll.” None of the poses were difficult, per se, but because it was so fast, I felt like I was making a ton of mistakes while trying to keep up! Surprisingly to me, there were parts where I felt like I was breaking a sweat – and a few uncomfortable pose holdings where my abs and thighs definitely were feeling the burn.

Class ended with meditation to a slow remix of Outcast’s Hey Ya and Sadie revisiting the lock and key analogy to tie the class all together. She said some inspiring words like, “Be your own best friend. Do what you love, not the norm because it’s expected of you.”

Overall, I enjoyed this yoga class more than most. I feel like if I went back a few more times, I’d pick up the moves and the class could be more beneficial to me. Needless to say, I still felt like I needed a “real” workout so I headed to Soul Cycle later that afternoon.

For first timers, the class is free. (I did have to pay $2 to rent a mat.) Single classes are $17; and it’s $99 for a monthly unlimited pass.

The Fierce Club. 269 Elizabeth St. (betw. Houston & Prince St)

Sweat Factor: 2/5
Soreness Factor: 4/5 – (I totally didn’t think I’d be… my abs were sore for three days afterwards!)
Endorphine Factor: 4/5
Instructor Interaction: 5/5

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