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New York City Comedy – Funny Voices: A Delicious Dish of Panda

Posted Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 at 10:09 am by Matt in Social Bees. More in

Hey everyone, how was your Fourth? If you saw me on that day, please tell me how it was; the alcohol is hiding those memories from me like a rum-powered mental shield.

No vid this week; having some trouble getting them to post through WordPress. It’s things like this that make me feel like an Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer with certain aspects of the Internet.


I Eat Pandas: We Classy (Wednesday July 16, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre; 9:30 PM; $5.00) – Comedians Eliza Skinner and Glennis McMurray do an hour-long set of improvised musicals. This is for real.


Aside from working together like chocolate and peanut butter, Skinner and McMurray create improvised musicals based off of audience suggestions that are funnier and have more heart than most off-Broadway numbers you’d pay too much money to see. Skinner creates beautiful, hilariously tragic characters with the drop of a hat, and McMurray plays off of everything in the room so well you’d think that the whole thing was scripted.

We’ll have more viddy goodness next week, your 86 year old Uncle Matt promises!

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