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Gay Life – The Paulinator: BEEing Equal

Posted Thursday, May 28th, 2009 at 7:51 pm by paul in Media Buzz. More in 10024


I blogged recently about the Broadway Impact: Action = Equality rally and how I was deeply touched by the stories shared by Cynthia Nixon, David Hyde Pearce and a slew of other notable individuals. Upon leaving the rally I truly believed I was capable of making a difference and taking action. Marriage Equality, whether you are for it or against it, is the civil rights movement of this generation and as history has proven time and time again, injustice does not last forever. In the war for marriage equality, there have been steps in the right direction… (Iowa, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut) and steps in the wrong direction… (California Supreme courts upheld Prop8) and we have only just begun!

One of the biggest points Broadway Impact made during the rally was to urge supporters to take action by writing, phoning and even visiting your state senator, and tell them you would like them to vote in favor of the Marriage Equality Bill (S:4401).

That is exactly what I did!  As a recent transplant to Astoria, Queens, it also gave me a reason to familiarize myself with my newest state senator.  It appears Senator George Onorato is causing quite a stir amongst the constituents of his district. A few days after sending an e-mail to my senator, I received the following response:

Thank you for your recent correspondence expressing your support for same-sex marriage. Although I am in favor of civil unions, I am not in support of the same sex marriage bill that has been proposed in the New York State Legislature. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Throughout my career in the Senate, I have supported many initiatives of importance to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, including the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA) and New York’s hate crimes law.  I am also in favor of the Dignity for All Students Act and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).  In addition, I have secured funding for groups in my district serving the LGBT community and providing assistance for people with HIV and AIDS.

I sincerely respect your views, and I appreciate the time you took to express your opinion on this issue.  Thank you again for contacting me.

And while I truly appreciated getting a response, I saw no justification in his reasons for opposing marriage equality. Much like Ana Ortiz‘s message to Bronx senator Rubin Diaz, I have the same message to Senator Oronato: “YOU ARE BEHIND THE TIMES PAPI!” Well, I might not have put it so eloquently, but I did decide I would send another e-mail to Senator Oronato and I look forward to his response to this:

Thank you for your response.

However, by your lack of support for the Marriage Equality Bill (S:4401) you are personally denying me civil rights. In essence, you are treating me as a second class citizen. Civil Unions are NOT ENOUGH! You are treating me as if I do not matter! I was under the impression that ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL… according to you, we are not. I ask you to reconsider you own personal thoughts and beliefs and vote in favor of the Marriage Equality Bill (S:4401). This is is an issue about LOVE! I will not remember, when your term is up, how you voted on any other issue, only how you voted on this bill. The time for change is now and I would appreciate your support for the Marriage Equality Bill.

I have to say, its nice to know I’m not the only one hounding Senator Oronato. I recently stumbled upon this brilliant use of YouTube.

And if you would like to get involved, fear not… This Sunday, May 31st there is going to be a rally for marriage equality in Astoria. For details, be sure to check out the Facebook event page. Don’t forget, to write, call and visit your senator’s office and let YOUR voice be heard!

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