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Gay Life: The Paulinator – Long Distance Lover

Posted Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 at 3:02 pm by paul in Social Bees. More in 10016


A few years ago one of my best friends started dating this guy she met at a work conference. For them, it was basically love at first sight, they emailed and talked on the phone all the time it seemed. I mean, that was the only way they could communicate because while she lived in New York, he lived all the way on the West Coast. Every so often she would fly cross country and he would do the same until a year and a half after they met, my best friend packed up her NYC life and moved out there to be with him. I learned a lot about long distance relationships from watching their relationship grow. Last weekend I met a cutie online and after a really nice chat I decided following work on Monday, it would be a good idea to meet him in person.

Going against all of my friends advice, I hopped on the Long Island Railroad and headed out to meet a very adorable stranger. Just my luck, I found a really handsome man at the other end of  my ride who thought I was equally as adorable. We proceeded to have our first date… we picked up dinner at Panera Bread, drove out to the beach and ate in his car while watching the gorgeous pink sunset. Following dinner, we got out and walked along the pier talking and getting to know each other. It was a pretty remarkable first date if I do say so myself. That night, back at his house it was pretty amazing as well! He is a beautiful Argentinian! Yum!

I left for work the following morning, after being made a delicious breakfast and several, hot, passionate kisses! I thought about him a lot and well, judging from the amount of text messages I received, he was thinking about me a lot too. Really, was this the mutual attraction I have been waiting for since I came out?  It was decided that I would spent a weekend with him and I really am glad I did. It almost was like a fast forward to the future should we venture further into a relationship. We put a lot of cards out on the table and we really laid out all the chips. Following an amazing Friday evening in bed, my new Argentinian lover slept so peacefully next to me, with me in his arms.

The sun began to shine in the morning through the blinds and I could feel his gentle kisses on the back of my neck. It was truly a romantic way to wake up. His roommate was no home and she wouldn’t be around all day. It was truly going to be a perfect day. Speaking of his roommate, I met her Monday night and she was a really nice girl, a bit younger, but sweet and understanding of what was about to happen in the room adjacent to hers. My Argentinian wrapped his arms around my body and as I studied his body, I reached my hand and intertwined our fingers together. I noticed again the rings he wore on his left hand and asked why he wears a wedding band. Come to find out, his roommate was not just a roommate! Is it possible to find a man with very minimal baggage?!

The weekend together was nice, I will admit that. We had a nice date walking through a park, seeing a concert and comedy show and giving each other massages. I couldn’t help but crack jokes every so often about his wife and me being “the other woman.” I can not say enough how nice it was! It was everything I think a date should be, with one small problem, I was finding myself less and less attracted to him. There was no spark of excitement, no real chemistry and as I kept listening him talk, I realized aside from our mutual sexual hunger, we have very little in common. I guess my long distance lover and I are going back to the drawing board. It was a nice weekend getaway, but I don’t see myself packing up and moving out the island anytime soon!

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