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Gay Life – The Paulinator: There’s an App for that?!

Posted Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 1:00 am by paul in Media Buzz. More in 10011

You guessed it, there is is just about an app for everything these days, including a new plethora of gay dating apps, all geared toward helping you expand your social circle or find your next bedroom conquest. With the help of GPS tracking, it’s becoming more and more convenient to find gays hanging out around you and possibly start a friendship or two. Here’s a quick look at the four apps I’m currently using and what I like, and don’t like about each.

Grindr: I would call this the original gay GPS app, but I’m not 100% certain on this. I do know it is the one app most gays are familiar with by name. They’ve done an excellent job inserting themselves into the community by sponsoring Pride parties and other festivities. There is an age filter that is helpful, so if you have a particular age in mind, you can simply weed out those not appealing to you. You can also block members. The app does seem to come along with a reputation for simply being a hook up app, but I for one, have actually found a genuine connection on it. We can call him Mr. Grindr and we’ve gone on three really wonderful dates. Unfortunately his occupation has taken him out of New York for most of the summer, but I have a feeling he may be a keeper once he returns, which will only be a matter of time now. I’m hoping we can pick up right where we left off. A few things about the app itself, it you’re looking for push notifications, expect to pay for the premium service, otherwise, just sign on and hope for the best.

West Fourth: Once you load this app, you may think it only deals with New York residents, but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, I have actually chatted with plenty of guys from all over the country. West Fourth prides itself on being a classier version of Grindr, which I feel it succeeds in doing. It’s purple color scheme is calmer than Grindr’s harsh yellow boarder. I’ve also found the pictures to be more than just standard torso shots you find on Grindr. West Fourth also gives you my favorite feature, the opportunity to check out who looks at your profile, which could help initiate a conversation with a possibly shy guy. An added feature you may enjoy, is the ability to ‘check-in’ much like you can on FourSquare. You can’t become mayor of anything or earn badges, but it’s nice to see other gays who might have checked in at the same place you have. Push notifications come with the service for free and include when someone winks at you or when someone sends you a message. Nicely done West Forth. Oh, and if you have a moment, check out this banned iPhone commercial.

FindFred: The name itself intrigued me when I discovered this site at last year’s Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Flea Market. It’s a gay dating website, nothing out of the ordinary, just another place to find your potential husband. I mean, doesn’t’s latest commercial say 1 in 5 relationships begins on an online dating site? Well, FindFred recently put out an app and it’s very easy to use and functions much like the website. You can put guys in different lists, whether they are hotties or simply buds. You can also check out who viewed your profile, send email messages and instant message guys nearby or across the country. The app allows for multiple photos which is extremely nice and conveniently takes what is already found on your profile online and simply moves it to the app. You have the opportunity to lock those private photos and unlock them for guys you want to show. FindFred seems to have it all nicely rolled up into one app.

Finally, there’s the latest app Qrushr: The latest app that has appears to have the coolest sound effects when you receive a message. Qrushr gives you the opportunity to once again check out guys either across the street or across the country, see who has viewed your profile and send messages. There is also a magazine and radio section. Qrushr is almost like being at a gay club, but you don’t technically have to leave your apartment if you don’t want to. You also get push notifications when someone sends you a message and post multiple photos to your profile. What makes this newest app the most unique is the chartroom feature. Since it’s fairly new on the market the rooms aren’t full, but I’m sure they will fill up soon enough. The app does test your knowledge of the metrics system though, giving you kilometers instead of feet and miles as units of measure! Once the app installs a choice between metrics and imperial, it will be a pretty wild app for NYC dwellers.

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