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Welcome to the Hive of New York City Style: Summer Feet

Posted Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 11:22 am by Angela in Social Bees. More in 10001


Hey, guys. How about this heat? (Thanks, Stereogum.)

Thankfully, we’ve hit a respite from the sun’s demented conspiracy to melt us all into oblivion. But I know you. I see you, on the subway, on the streets, walking through sloshy brownish gray puddles with cigarette butts floating with the rat feces.

Are you sufficiently disgusted yet? I’m sorry, but sometimes you need a little tough love. Especially when it comes to abandoning the idea that flip flops make for appropriate summer footwear in the city. Not only is it extremely unflattering to kick up your blackened feet, it’s unsanitary! It’s not safe! (just ask the girl who’s foot I stabbed with my stilettos…my bad) And, according to a recent NYTimes article, it’s way bad for your feet!

Ladies, you have options. After a long day at the office with the 3 inch heels, slip into a pair of these for the commute home, and leave the flip flops where they belong – at the beach.

Driving Mocs

So chic, driving mocs pair Grace Kelly style with sneaker comfort. The key is the flexible rubber sole. Opt for white, bright summery colors or metallics:

From left to right: York Driving Moc ($99), J.Crew, 91 5th Ave (btw 16th & 17th). Vancouver ($69), Aerosoles, 168 5th Ave (at 22nd St). Sperry Top-Sider “Softie” Moc ($80), Macy’s, 151 W 34th St (at Broadway).


A staple in my pre-adolescent wardrobe, Keds have been consistently redefining their offerings beyond the white sneak with the little blue label. The breathable canvas construction in summery, playful designs and fabrics ensure tons of compliments when you’re rockin’ out at McCarren on Sundays.

From left to right: Retro Hi Wedge ($55.99), Sailloft Wedge ($49.99), Sea Scape Goldfish Skimmer ($44.99). Available at DSW Union Square, Shoe Mania, 151 W 34th St, and 4PLAYBK, 360 7th Ave (at 10th St), Brooklyn

Ballet Flats

The most versatile of all the options, ballet flats can painlessly fill the void left by your filthy flip flops: they’re light-weight, can crush flat to fit into your shoulder bag, and look chic with both jeans and summer dresses.

From left to right: Leather Knot Ballet ($34), Urban Outfiters, various locations city-wide. Annie ($225), London Sole, 110 West 40th St. Quicksilver Flats ($128), Anthropologie, various locations city-wide.

What do you wear when summer gets going?

  • What do I wear? Flip flops…
    (couldn’t resist!)

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