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NewBee Daddy: Is chivalry dead in the subways?

Posted Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 at 1:00 am by alobosco in Family Bees. More in 10019

30complaint480My wife and I ride the subway separately to work every morning.  Now that I have a deeper appreciation for pregnant women, I don’t ever sit down if the subway is even semi-crowded because I want my seat to be available to someone that may need it.  Let’s face it, riding the subway during rush hour sucks most of the time.  And now that school’s back in session, they’re even more crowded.

I did catch myself last week sitting down and a woman was standing with her back to me.  After the subway stopped and people got off, the woman turned around and sat down next to me.  And yes, she was about 5 moths pregnant.  But the young girl in her 20’s that was sitting down in front of her never even budged to get up.

So, there are exceptions and unless you decide to never sit down, you will overlook this from time to time.  Does this mean you’re a bad person?  No, but if you’re like me, you’ll feel pretty rotten about it.

My wife, who is now 8 months pregnant and still commuting to work, tells me that people give up their seats MOST of the time.  Although she hasn’t conducted a formal survey, she says that 90% of the time someone gives up their seat if there isn’t one available for her.  That’s pretty good, don’t you think?

However, in mid July, when she was about 6 months pregnant and noticeably showing, no one gave up their seat that morning.  Well, some idiot guy ran into the subway as the doors were shutting and knocked her over.  Yes, knocked her over and the guy didn’t even apologize.  Apparently, he stood a couple of feet away from her and pretended like nothing happened. (OK, count to ten and find a happy place)

Yeah, pretty horrifying, but the best part of story is that about a half a dozen people (men and women) began yelling at him and frankly, he almost got his ass kicked.  Go New Yorkers!

Thank goodness Melissa was okay. People helped her immediately and gave her a seat and completely ostracized that dude.  Obviously, that was an extreme situation, but people don’t accept that.

The moral of the story – always offer your seat to a woman that is noticeably pregnant or anyone else that may need it….it’s the right thing to do. I’m sorry that you may be hungover from the night before, or comfortable in your seat, but do the right thing and don’t be a total D-bag.

Chivalry is not entirely dead in NYC, but it definitely has its moments.


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