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NY Media Swarm: Brooklyn gets grifted!

Posted Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 at 11:01 am by eunji in Media Buzz. More in 11225

Kari Ferrel aka Hipster Grifter
Kari Ferrel aka Hipster Grifter

The New York media circuits have been going crazy the last week over the Hipster Grifter, initially reported by the New York Observer.

Long story short, pathological liar/con artist extraordinaire Kari Ferrell has been scamming men and friends alike here in Brooklyn. Her penchant for bearded men a.k.a. hipsters have taken her through a slew of men who have fallen under her false claims of lung cancer, pregnancy, and lies to get money.

My good friend and coworker actually had a first-hand experience with Kari. His roommate was one of those befallen by her tricks and she actually stayed at their apartment for a week. She pulled the same games of disappearing for days then telling him she was in the hospital. My friend thought something was fishy and finally Googled her, only to find out that she had a rap back in Salt Lake City. He informed his roommate who was still enchanted by Kari but realized that it was all a bit weird. Thankfully, they did not get robbed or anything serious.

Apparently she is still around Brooklyn as the Gawker has made efforts to find her in a scavenger hunt last weekend.

So what can we all learn from this? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO Google the person you are dating.  (Don’t act like you haven’t done it before.)
  • DON’T let random people you meet at a bar stay at your apartment for weeks. Even better, don’t bring strangers home from the bar.
  • DO try to get to know the person you are hooking up with i.e., hometown, college, job, and at the least get a hold of their Facebook/Myspace page.
  • DON’T believe everything anyone says especially when it involves money. Be smart & safe!


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