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NY Media Swarm: Craigslist No Longer Encouraging Prostitution

Posted Thursday, May 14th, 2009 at 10:00 am by eunji in Media Buzz. More in 11373



There once was a time when I viewed Craigslist as a safe community  where I could look for roommates, find a job, and even join a band.  However, lately it has become as dangerous as those infamous chat rooms from the early 90’s. I knew the day would come when Craigslist would have to be regulated.

It has been reported that under pressure from state officials after the Craigslist murders, the classified site is canceling the racy “Erotic Services” section and will launch a new one reviewed by employees. In reality, it is just a name change with an extra pair of eyes.  Nonetheless, the new section will try to weed out posts that allude to prostitution. I’m not an expert on prostitution but I can imagine they would be scanning for such terms as “lady of the night”, “slapper”, “donation of roses”, “escort”, “street walker”, and “semen bucket”.

The question now is – how will this affect the other parts of Craigslist that we normal people visit/post/peruse? Well, the coveted Missed Connections may not only include those missed glances on the subway but the ones missed in the alleyway that came with a suggested donation. We may all have to carefully read between the lines of posts that interest us.  For instance, looking for a personal assistant may really mean looking for a personal sex slave.    But alas, have solace in the fact that someone at Craigslist still cares about consumer safety.

But really, let’s be honest. Everyone should use these public forums with caution. Do you not watch Dateline?!


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