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NY Media Swarm: Media Highlights

Posted Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 at 12:21 pm by eunji in Media Buzz. More in 10024

Images pulled off Google Street View
Images pulled off Google Street View

Attempting to be knowledgeable about the news and media on a daily basis can be tough. Many of us are bombarded by the amount of information available, most of which is not exactly interesting. Then there are those blogs that sometimes may be too much to handle in a work environment, my current favorite being, which usually causes bursts of uncontrollable laughter. Now one thing we media people are notorious for is finding the hidden goodies while perusing the vast network of news outlets. Here are some of this week’s highlights that provided me enjoyment while allowing me to maintain an aura of someone who is up-to-date on her current events.

The New York Times is a staple for me and probably for most New Yorkers. You can catch up on world and local news and have some of the best minds feeding you breaking news, emerging and controversial opinions, and style tips.  Last week, my eye caught this article discussing advertising and media usage of adults today.  My question is who has time to spend 8 hours a day watching media and lets themselves be exposed to at least 61 minutes of TV ads in a day!  Sigh, I only wish I had that type of time.

One of my favorite clandestine treats is on New York Magazine’s website. Not too well known and generally hard to locate is the “Sex Diaries” series. While they can get pretty racy and at occasion  cause gasps of shock, it is a quick salacious distraction to get you through that work day. Check out the most recent post.

Last in the roundup are those random news stories that make you think “Wow” are people really that stupid. Last week, The Sun reported a woman who filed for divorce after spotting her husband’s car parked outside another woman’s house on Google Street View.  I don’t know how this woman figured out how to track her husband down via technology but it is scary to think that all your moves are being tracked on a daily basis by the other big brother known as “Google.”

More media highlights to come but till then choose wisely in how you decide to spend your time on the web.


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