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NY Media Swarm: Upper East Sider Visits Brooklyn

Posted Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 at 9:00 am by eunji in Cultural Bees. More in United States




Posted last week on Vanity Fair’s blog was Kate Ahlborn’s, the pretentious Ivy League-educated writer, visit to choreographer Noemie Lafrance’s new show in Williamsburg. This was the self proclaimed Upper East Sider’s first visit to Brooklyn… let’s just say there were not many fans of her narrative.

Despite having traveled the world, the entire tone of the piece confirms her lack of culture and one track mind.  The Brooklyn she envisions based on her global friends advice is inhabited with cool young families, gourmet cheese shops, and parks which sounds exactly like the yuppie gentrified Park Slope.  To her dismay, she arrives at the Bedford stop, clad in Tory Burch flats & J.Crew tweed and is shocked to find her quaint image of Brooklyn shattered.  Her account of Lafrance’s show is judgmental and lumps all of Brooklyn into this one experience. Ahlborn obviously did not enjoy the show and “left the rickety building slightly shaken up and eager to get back to Manhattan.”

What I personally want to say to her is, back off bitch.  Also, on behalf of all the wonderful people who live in Brooklyn and those who live in N.Y.C. that think you are an idiot, please just go back to your designer purses, DVF dresses, and Dating a Banker Anonymous meetings and leave Brooklyn alone.

Some other reviewers had the following comments to add as well:

Wow. I was appalled and yet somehow unsurprised by the small-mindedness and of such a “worldly” Manhattanite. I think it’s safe to say that it would be in all parties’ best interests if that horrible woman stays on the Upper East Side and never again ventures to our fair borough.

You’re an idiot, Kate.

This might be the single worst article I have ever read my opinion of vanity fair just plummeted ridiculous and insulting to the readerships intelligence.

As for Noemie Lafrance’s actual show, don’t let Ahlborn’s review sway you.   Feel free to experience the Home performance in all its glory and explore your artistic side.

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