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All Things Queens- Newest Columnist: Is That The Bruce Springsteen Of Queens?

Posted Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 at 10:27 am by Nathan in Media Buzz. More in 11377


Long sideburns. A rustic-sounding harmonica. Cut-off T-shirts. Torn jeans. Ballads of blue collar America. The River, Born to Run, Atlantic City.

Does anyone say it better than The Boss?

I don’t think so. And so, in the spirit of The Boss, I dedicate this blog. I will put every ounce of my own blood, sweat and tears into making this the best food / drink / dance / entertainment / social gathering / art Queens showcase you’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen the good and the bad sides of, as we like to call it, Q-Town, for going on four years. I live in the trenches of Sunnyside Gardens (where the beat hits the street), and I’ll tell you this: there are no handouts and no meal tickets. But there is a place for men like me and Bruce — men of honor, strength and integrity.

You’re probably wondering at this point, Who the %&* is this guy?

Let me tell you. I am the Bruce Springsteen of Queens.

1. I walk with a Springsteenian sense of purpose. (If you’re not sure what that means, watch a bull charge a matador.)

2. I have never been afraid of a good fist pump.

3. I have holes in almost all of my jeans – from hard work, dedication and the occasional drunken spill.

4. I love Coors Light. Fresh off the Rockies.

You probably have a few questions such as:

Do I physically resemble The Boss? No. I am 5’8″ 140 lb. Italian pipsqueak.

Do I play a musical instrument? No. But I actually own a nice ukulele, although I haven’t learned to play it… yet.

Do I own a motorcycle? No. I’m horrible with all forms of motor vehicles, machinery and power tools.

Does my fiancé support my Boss-like tendencies? No. Her initial reaction was, “Are you serious? You’re ridiculous.”

But do I have The Boss in my heart? You can’t see it right now, but I’m giving you a fist pump!

Does Queens need The Boss now more than ever? Double fist pump!

Will I do my best to do for Queens what The Boss has done for Jersey? Sustained double fist pump!!!

So all I ask is that you place your fears aside, put your little hand in mine, and venture into my Secret Garden. And after it’s all over, when the years have worn us down and our eyes don’t shine quite so brightly, you can answer for yourself:

Was he the Bruce Springsteen of Queens?

. . . Or was he just Dancin’ in the Dark?

  • Michael

    In response to point number 1 in your comparison to THE BOSS would that sense of purpose also be like watching a horse collaring taking place? This is a great new concept and I think SunnySide Gardens has been waiting for a revolution of this kind where people start taking ownership and start making changes….One fist shake at A time…..I am inspired

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I knew that The Boss inspired many an artist, but I am so pleased to know that one of those artists is mingling among the residents in Sunnyside, or “Q-Town” as it was so brilliantly referred to as. This article makes me want to go home, find my best pair of holey jeans and attempt to master that Springsteenian walk. I think it is quite evident by the passion that you have illustrated… you might just very well be the Bruce Springsteen of Queens.

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