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Queens Bee: Hi Neighbor, With A Quick Stop For Dumplings

Posted Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 at 8:08 am by alex in Cultural Bees. More in

7-trainHi! I’m Alex, and I’m thrilled to help you sort through all the great shops, show venues, restaurants, dives and other fun stuff that Queens has to offer. If Manhattan is chicken and Brooklyn is the “other white meat,” then Queens is like… delicious, sizzling bacon. Queens is awesome. And every two weeks, I’ll show you how awesome the baconiest of boroughs will be, all without using a single other meat analogy. I’d also love to get feedback from all of you on your personal favorite places to eat, lounge, dance and get lost in all over Queens. Flushing Mall, 13331 39th Ave Flushing, NY

Now, let’s get right to it. For my first post, I thought it’d be good to get right into the heart of Queens, no dipping our toes into Long Island City or wading ankle-deep in Astoria. We’re immersing ourselves in the very last stop on the 7 train – Flushing. There are several malls of varying sizes in Flushing, but my favorite is Flushing Mall – adorned with neon, florescent lights around its exterior, the mall houses quite a mix of different shops, offices, community organizations, music and art classrooms as well as a central food court.

To your left, the food court. Make a bee line (Oh!) for it.

You won’t recognize any brand name shops at Flushing Mall with the exception of a Shiseido cosmetic boutique on the ground floor. Most of the stores are small and sell women’s clothing, shoes, toys or decorative items for the home.

Most merchandise is moderately priced, which makes the mall a great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive party dress, fun tchotkes or kids’ toys. Some shops feature more expensive items, like intricately carved wooden furniture or embroidered silk cheongsams. One store, “True Love Wedding Photography,” displays cheestastic wedding photos and affords the occasional opportunity to witness a nervous-looking women in full bridal gear traipse nervously through a mall, avoiding gawkers and sticky-handed babies awestruck at her glittering dress.

Be real: Have you ever met a fried food you didn't like?

For me, the real highlight of Flushing Mall is its food court, which offers Chinese and Korean fair from dumplings, rice dishes and hand-drawn noodles to shaved ice and Manjoo. I highly recommend visiting the dumpling vendor – their pork and chive dumplings are fresh, never greasy and boast a pretty ideal dough-to-meat ratio.

They come served with a soy and green onion dipping sauce and a small dish of shredded, kimchee-style cabbage. The cool crunch of the cabbage is a superb contrast to the hot, salty dumpling – definitely worth trying at least once. I’d recommend avoiding the hand-drawn noodle vendor, as their dishes, while flavorful and cheap, are extremely greasy and, like most of the mall, the ambiance they provide leaves a little to be desired – the mall’s food court benefits from being lit by scattered paper lamps, but the rest of the mall is bathed in harsh florescent lighting and a red, yellow, blue and green color scheme that conjures up childhood nightmares of abandoned circuses. To sweeten the experience, go for some dessert. I recommend visiting the bright red cart directly outside the food court and ordering Manjoo – a brand of subtly-sweet, very dense corn muffins, served piping hot.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a performance or contest on the stage set up right outside the food court. Its the ideal opportunity to grab an icy strawberry milkshake, a packet of Manjoo wrapped in waxy paper and scout a spot from which to enjoy the show.

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