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Showbuzzness: Too Cool For Raoul

Posted Thursday, April 24th, 2008 at 3:43 pm by Mardie in Cultural Bees. More in 10027

Hi bees,

I woke up this morning all prepared to write a post listing appropriate shows to see for every taste… and then I realized that it would have to be, like, six pages long if I wanted to cover all of the worth-it shows that are out right now. So instead I’ve decided to focus on one demographic at a time. If today’s choices aren’t for you, then kindly pass them on to a friend!

Today’s five suggestions are for:

The hip 20-something who’s not interested in falling chandeliers or flying nannies

(Let’s put it this way: if you were to say “Mary Poppins”, they would probably think you were talking about drugs.)

Avenue Q As far as I’m concerned, the definitive must-see-if-you’re-a-20-something show right now is Avenue Q . You’ve undoubtedly heard the tales of endless profanity, Bush-bashing, and full-frontal puppet nudity… but it’s oh so much more than that. Sesame Street with a twist, it’s a tale of life after college on a budget—complete with schadenfreude, internet porn, and one night stands. And for every laugh out loud joke, there’s twice as much heart. This is 21st century Broadway at its very finest, people!

John Golden Theatre • 252 West 45th Street
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @8pm
Saturday @2 and 8pm
Sunday @2 and 7pm



Sprink Awakening Hot on the heels of Avenue Q as the perfect Gen-Y show is Spring Awakening . With an award-winning alt-rock score by 90’s singer Duncan Sheik (“Barely Breathing”), the show tells the story of several repressed 19th century German teenagers in the throes of self discovery and sexual exploration. It’s certainly not light-hearted—the story deals with abuse, rape, and suicide—but the material is presented in such a refreshing way that it never feels preachy. The fresh-faced cast (you can’t even audition if you’re over 25, and a handful of the performers are actually in high school) makes the text from 1891 seem absolutely relevant to today—it’s truly groundbreaking theater.

Eugene O’Neill Theatre • 230 West 49th Street
Tuesday @7pm
Wednesday —Friday @8pm
Saturday @2 and 8pm
Sunday @2 and 7pm



Too Much Light For those who like their theater a little… off the beaten path, I recommend Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind , a bizarre series of 30 plays presented in 60 minutes. The audience chooses from a list of about 1,000 title choices—you’re pretty much guaranteed to never see the same show twice. (So, um, don’t blame me if your show is bad—I didn’t see it!) It started in Chicago, and is a classic favorite of high school drama clubs, but here it’s presented by the “New York Neo-Futurists” and has a whip-smart SNL-on-speed sort of feel. If you’re looking for mindlessly entertaining fare, this is a great pick. says it better than I ever could: “a non-illusory collage of the comic and tragic, the political and personal, the visceral and experimental, embracing chance, change, and chaos.” Something for everyone!

Kraine Theatre • 85 East 4th Street
Friday & Saturday @10:30PM



Fuerzabruta Recently popularized by none other than miss Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model (sigh), one of the most strange and beautiful shows out right now is Fuerzabruta , a stunning display of aerial acrobatics, bouncing water, flying colors, and pounding rhythms from the creators of the 2000 aerial extravaganza De La Guarda . The show happens above your head while you stand wide-eyed below—some of it really must be seen to be believed! Perfect for the hard-to-please young theatergoer who rolls his eyes at showtunes.

Daryl Roth Theatre • 101 E. 15th Street
Tuesday – Thursday @8 pm
Friday @8 and 10:30 pm
Saturday @ 7 and 10 pm
Sunday @7 pm



In the Heights With a fantastic score infused with salsa and hip hop flavors, one of the hottest shows on Broadway right now is In the Heights , a musical about immigrants with big dreams living in, naturally, Washington Heights. I’m not gonna lie—I haven’t seen it yet. (But Mardie, how can you recommend something you haven’t even seen?! ) Honestly, I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things from every one of my picky friends who have gone, and with the incredible line-up of talent, I have no doubt that this song and dance tour de force is one of the best things to hit Broadway in years. I’m planning to go soon… so stay tuned for a review! In the meantime, trust my blown-away theater snob friends and get yourself a ticket!

Richard Rodgers Theatre • 226 West 46th Street
Tuesday – Saturday @8pm
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday @2pm
*No 8pm performance Wednesday, April 30
*Added 7pm performances Sundays, April 27 and May 4



  • Pam

    And two of the five were written by guys from my high school!

    I’d better get working on my musical while we’re hot. =)

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