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New York City Sports – Swarm Defense: Hockey in June

Posted Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 4:00 pm by Doug in Healthy Bees. More in 10016

Courtesy of Bronder

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings played an epic Game 5 in the Stanley Cup Finals. After 100 minutes of play, the score was knotted at three as the teams headed to triple overtime. With their season on the brink of being over, the Penguins finally scored on the power play, as a nice pass from Malkin set up Petr Sykora’s game winner.

With an exhausting game five in the books, the question for New Yorkers — both die hard hockey watchers and casual fans alike — should become, quite simply, where the heck can I watch game six on Wednesday night?

While New York has no shortage of sports bars, many of them are not very sympathetic to hockey fans, especially if the Yanks and Mets are both playing while the New York Rangers are not. That said, there are a number of hockey-friendly bars – and ones that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – if you know where to look. So with Game 6 of the Cups Finals tomorrow night, let’s look at a few places you might go to watch the game while quaffing a few brews.

Underground Bar

A solid nighttime spot with a half dozen TVs tuned to hockey almost every day of the week from Mid-October to Mid-June, this bar is quite literally underground. Located down a half-flight of steps on Second Ave between 33rd and 34th, Underground offers beer and shot specials, along with a beirut table for the frat guy in all of us.

The skinny bar area near the entrance allows patrons to stand only two or three deep, but is long enough to offer stools for a decent number of people. Walking through the back to the other side of the bar offers a more loungey atmosphere – with comfy chairs and low tables – but one with a giant flat screen TV for tomorrow’s game. If you live in Murray Hill, this easy to reach spot is a good bet for some pitchers and some great hockey tomorrow night.

Nice Save! (Courtesy of Guano)


Professor Thom’s

While technically a Red Sox bar, for better or worse, Prof Thom’s excels in offering an absurb number of TVs on which to watch sports. With no fewer than 9 TVs located at the bar, and every sports package you can think of on the satellite, this bar will certainly have good seats for tomorrow night’s game (especially since the Celtics aren’t playing until Thursday).

Thom’s also offers an individual flat screen TV at four different booths and in two party booths (for 6 or more people), along with a projection TV and seating for 40 or so in the back. Throw in the decent bar food and the 15 or so beers on tap at any given time, and it’s hard to find a reason to complain about this place. And even if you need to spend time with a non-hockey fan tomorrow night, they’ll be able to sit right next to you at the bar and watch something totally different, so long as it is sports.

courtesy of jpowers65

Nice Guy Eddie’s

A classic dive bar on First and A, this establishment hosts an odd mix of people most nights, but has a good number of TVs and the hockey package. If you go here, the best plan will probably be to snag one or both of the raised tables to the right when you walk in. This area does not have waitress service most nights, but it will give you and your party control of a dedicated TV (if the game’s not on, just ask for it), veto power over the juke box, and complete access to Big Buck Hunter. Because seriously, between periods of watching the Wings and the Pens try to forecheck each other into submission, what could be more fun than shooting some electronic deer?

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