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New York City Sports- Swarm Defense: Staten Island, Home of the… Yankees?

Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 at 3:32 pm by Doug in Healthy Bees. More in 10306

Ahhh, the Staten Island Ferry. Gateway to… Staten Island. Unless you live there, or are in search of a cheap way to see some great views of Manhattan (without, of course, ever actually setting foot in the elusive fifth borough), it would seem like the type of trip an intrepid sports fan would never need to take. But there, of course, is where common wisdom fails. Lying at the far side of the Ferry (and with its own great views of both the sunset and lower Manhattan) is the Ballpark at St. George, home of the Staten Island Yankees, the Bronx Bombers’ Single A affiliate.

The SI Yanks (along with their rivals the Brooklyn Cyclones) play in the NY Penn League, one of several A-level leagues throughout the country. The team plays a “short season” schedule with 38 home games, each of which is an excellent chance to get outside and see some live baseball for great prices – great by NYC standards, at least. Seats start at $5 for most games, with a top price of $13, and the team offers a number of ticket packages for people interested in going multiple times. Food at the ball game tends to be cheap as well, with good beer inside the stadium running less than a Miller Lite at most NYC bars, and typical ball park food being sold at below MLB prices. Oh, and the cool breeze off the water and the sweet views are thrown in gratis.

While some might worry that the level of play at the ballpark won’t be worth their time, it’s important to remember that even though almost none of the players on the field will be old enough to buy a beer in the stadium, they are still better at baseball than 99.5% of the population. And with a little luck, you might get the chance to see a future Yankees star, such as Chien-Ming Wang, Robinson Cano, or Melky Cabrera – three former SI Yanks who now start for the big club.

The season opens for the SI Yanks on June 16th, with their home opener the next night, and continues through the dog days of summer. So for a little baseball, especially for those who live or work in the Financial District, consider a trip across the across New York Harbor to see the baby Yankees. And don’t worry, the stadium is within spitting distance of the ferry terminal, so you won’t really need to spend anymore time in Staten Island than absolutely necessary – unless, of course, you want to.

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