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All Things Queens- The Bruce Springsteen of Queens: I Need a Cold One

Posted Thursday, June 5th, 2008 at 12:15 pm by Nathan in Cultural Bees. More in 11377


As you can guess, after a long hard day of tearing holes in my jeans and rubbing my Springsteenian scruff, the B.S.O.Q. needs an ice-cold beer. And not just any trendy lounge with the latest appletini or imitation trailer trash boutique will do the trick. I need a place that has 3 things:

1. Beer
2. Booze
3. No Bull*%#

Here are my favorite Sunnyside, Queens, neighborhood cantinas, in no particular order:

The Brogue
49-40 Skillman Avenue (btw. 49th St. and 50th St.)
Woodside, NY 11377

This no-nonsense slice of heaven is a young (late 20’s, early 30’s crowd) pub that makes everyone feel welcome with a long cozy bar, red neon Budweiser guitar and manual dart board (no electronics) that whisper You’re home, Boss. Settle in for a fresh Guinness or my personal favorite, “a fresh off the Rockies” Coors Light.

Check out the poolroom, and if you’re feeling festive, take a gander at the BBQ pit out back (BYOM). Just stop by and ask the young, friendly owners Liam and Hazel to schedule your cookout.

Make sure to stop by on a Saturday night for the best karaoke in the universe — a fun, no-judgment party with the best side-kick in history, Jay (not an employee, just a local enthusiast), who may even help you sing the always challenging Friends in Low Places.

Drink specials including $3 Miller High Life and $9 pitchers of Yuengling.

Murphy’s Bar
48-20 Skillman Avenue (NW corner of Skillman and 49th)
Sunnyside, NY 11373

There’s a sign over the door.

“Murphy’s Golden Rule: Whoever Has the Gold Makes the Rules”

I like this place because it’s simple. If I feel like a quiet beer in the corner while I watch a show about supernovas or if I want to mix it up with Lupo, the 80 year-old with a curlirific moustache, Murphy’s provides.

Just the other night, a great new bartender named Christina (Queens born and raised) made us laugh ’til we pissed ourselves. On Saturday nights, there’s a special treat for Irish music lovers: a rotating jam session of various amazing musicians. Makes for great background music to whatever story you just made up.

An old-school Irish pub that’s hip-friendly, Murphy’s offers $3 drafts of Hanley’s Ale daily and reasonable prices on everything else.

44-23 Queens Blvd. (NW corner of Queens Blvd. and 45th St.)
Sunnyside, NY 11104

Home of the best pure bartender I’ve ever seen. Kirin makes running one of the busiest pubs in Queens look effortless. Funny, friendly and smooth as silk, I think this man was genetically engineered for beer distribution. I actually was with a friend who puked on the floor right in front of him. Kirin’s response, “It happens, Lad,” as he nonchalantly handed us a towel.

Old-school Guinness paintings abound, step in for a pint in the evening or tie one on Saturday night. This is a great place to watch a Mets game, horse race or just listen to some Dancin’ in the Dark and forget about your job at Circuit City.

Flynn’s Inn
43-13 Queens Boulevard (between 42nd and 43rd St.)
Queens, NY 11104

The classic Irishman’s pub, Flynn’s Inn is home to international soccer, Mets games and horse-racing. Antique Irish decor and a smiling Celtic pint pourer named Tom make this oasis the perfect venue to get your traditional buzz on.

The OTB is only a block away, so place a bet on Bellmont this weekend and sprint back for some Boss on the jukebox and a celebratory pint. Booze, bets and Bruce. Need I say more?

Springsteen of the Week! Springsteen of the Week!
Casey Bostic-Jones: Born to Run

Born to Run

Baby this town rips the bones from your back
It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we’re young
‘Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

She stepped off the plane with her fist pumpin’ to the beat of Born to Run, wearing faded jeans, dark sunglasses and a heart of gold. She’s a mother of one. And an inspiration to millions.

Casey Springsteen (for this week) dominated the Queens borough in one power weekend, leaving bars, restaurants and flower shops in her wake. In her crowning moment, after being flashed by a would-be suitor at Penn Station, Casey asked herself one question: What would The Boss do?

A half our later she was cruising by that big old French statute on the Staten Island Ferry gulping a cold tall boy of Coors Light.

Lady Liberty salutes you Casey, my Springsteen of the Week.

On a side note, Casey was almost hit by the car behind her in this photo. I think it was the Anti-Springsteen. Watch out, he could be anywhere.

  • Jennifer

    Wow…. I love all of these pubs & I consider myself fortunate to have met the “Sprinsteen of the Week” in person. Had I known at the time that this would be her title, I would have had the good sense to get her autograph! I was in the presence of a celebrity and didn’t even know it!

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