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All Things New York – Concierge Corner: Marissa at your service

Posted Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 12:00 pm by Marissa in Cultural Bees. More in 10025

Welcome to the Concierge Corner. Here, you will get unrivaled service and don’t even have to be a resident at The Atelier. Nor do you need a degree from Yale just to join their Ivy League Club in Midtown and get swanky recommendations. The truth of the matter is, community college + a room in a Red Hook apartment is good enough. That’s right. If you are a part of the Neighborbee community, well, that is all that’s needed. I am Marissa, and I will be your Concierge this week, and every week.

If you are new to the world of ‘ask and you shall receive’, let us take a quick walk through the service. A concierge recommends all sorts of things, while being completely aware of their tony surroundings; And we love to get your feedback! Here at Neigborbee’s Concierge Corner, we are covering the following topics each Friday morning to make sure you have stuff to brag about, and conversation topics for the times you can’t get away with texting.

I will have an easy format each week for you to read through and find the right place to celebrate your New Yorker status. Featuring some or perhaps all of the following each week – depending on how vibrant the offerings are:

  • Happening Hotels (openings, reviews and news)
  • Raising the ‘Bar’ (bars and lounges, as well as interviews)
  • Ya ‘Heard’ it Here (live music, musicals, concerts)
  • What a Night (parties, djs, events)
  • Rockin’ Restaurants (openings, chef updates and interviews)
  • Wile Wine Events (wine is more fun than you ever imagined)
  • Cool Culture (art galleries, shows, museums, readings)
  • Watch This (Broadway, Off-Broadway, independent productions)
  • A La Mode (so special, this happening couldn’t fit into any one category)
  • Bee Here (the one place/thing not to miss)

From food to football, we’ve got you covered. So put down that Pinkberry and get your IPhone out…it’s time to take some notes.

The Week(end) Ahead

  • Raising the ‘Bar’: It’s that time of year when the Holidays start to make us drink more, eat more and spend more this year than we swore we would do last New Years. But, that’s ok. Why? Because we all do it, and hell – it’s pretty fun. For instance, there is this great class at The Village Pourhouse on the UWS which is economical, brilliantly creative and the price includes an open bar. This upcoming Wednesday October 22nd, from 6-8pm, learn how to make Holiday Cocktails ala Tom Cruise. Whether you are channeling Martha Stewart and need some Pumpkin Martini in your life, or you want to impress your date once you get them back to your pad with an Ichabod Crane teaser, sign up today. Better than anything else – there is a one-hour open bar following this phenom of an event. Did I already mention that?  For $25 you can’t go wrong, so go here.
  • Ya ‘Heard’ it Here: There is this group. They have a funny name. They are The Cool Kids. I know, I know…doesn’t sound like your bag. Believe me – by the second or third song, they will have your heart. I mean, after all – we just met and I would never toy with your mind and recommend some hip-hoppers I didn’t think were golden. This duo hailing from Chicago will make you absolutely adore their style, fresh lyrics and catchy tunes. M.I.A found them talented enough to open her show last summer and now they are right here in town at The Blender Theater at Gramercy. Check them out here. Tuesday the 21st at 8pm is the show. Buy tickets at Blender Theatre.
  • Rockin’ Restaurants : A restaurant on the move! Just what us New Yorkers fiend for as the crisp Fall air turns up leaves and cashmere sweaters. Get on your gear and invoke some ‘Where’s Waldo’ into your daily routine. This crêpe truck from Le Gamin is not to be missed. So all you Francophiles get out there and catch your crêpe. The French cafe, a 15-year old legend of all that is yummy now has wheels. Last seen in Union Square, check out the blog (or call 917-855-0159 if you are jonesing for a Goat Cheese or Nutella treat) to find the next locale. As far as we know this is ongoing, until they find a street corner they can call home.
  • Wile Wine Events : Do you ever sit there while looking at a wine list and wonder where you went wrong? Why can’t you understand the language of these oenophiles and how does your date know more than you? Talk about frustrating. Head over to this 4-week course which begins this Thursday October 23rd and runs until November 13th. The time is late enough so you can work-out after your 9-5 and head over to Tasting World from 6:45 – 8:45 once a week. I know it sounds like a huge commitment, but it’s so worth the $345. Those days of you standing in the wine store, mouth agape, wondering what the label means on the bottle of Chianti you are holding could be over! Sip a few and learn a lot. Thinking twice about it? Then ask yourself, how much money have you spent on buying wines that didn’t jive with your meal, tastebuds or significant other? Exactly. Enjoy.
  • Cool Culture: Doesn’t Fall just make you want to enjoy wine, conversation and good food just a little bit more? Run faster than your fellow residents in the NY Marathon and head over to ‘New York Taste‘. Tickets are on sale now (and get sold out very quickly, so get ’em this week) and the event is happening on Monday November 3rd – which is right around the corner. The event hosts enough high-end Chefs to make your taste buds spin from the likes of Charlie Palmer, Colicchio, Marcus Samuelsson, April Bloomfield and Dan Barber from Blue Hill (you know, the impossible-to-get-a-reservation-at-restaurant),just to name a few. You can stop at all of the tables, and eat or drink as you ask the Chefs ridiculous questions about their job really resembling that Catherine Zeta Jones movie, or not. Or maybe that is just me. Anyway, sell your old laptop if you have to…just get there, and have a drink at the Pegu Club table for me!
  • Watch This: It’s Friday the 17th, and you don’t know what to do. I would recommend the “Heart & Soul” exhibit at Alphabeta. Yes, it is in Brooklyn – Greenpoint to be exact, but who cares since it’s hella cool. From 8 – 10pm check out the free collection of women’s art and peruse a night of urban-surprises.
  • A La Mode: Madonna has a film. Oh, I’m sorry. Need I say more? Ok. It’s called ‘Filth and Wisdom” and it’s a comedy. It starts tonight, October 17th and runs only until HalloweenIFC hosts this directorial debut which is receiving obsenley good reviews. With more artistic charm than acting talent – this is really a ‘don’t miss’. For only $11 it’s a great way to spend 84 minutes. Get your Ciccone fix.
  • Bee Here : Do you own a dog or wish your place was big enough to own one? Do you go to dog-parks to ogle other’s canines? Perhaps you are so offended yet entertained by these fanatic dog owners who carry their dogs down the street, have strollers for them or bring them to pet psychics. Well, get your fill this Saturday the 18th – in Central Park. Between the Namburg Bandshell and Sheep Meadow (around 72nd street) from 11am – 4pm will be more than you could have ever doggone imagined.

Feel free to email me with requests for events or activities. Until next week folks – live it up. I know I will.

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