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Gay Life – The Paulinator: Conference Workshop 101

Posted Monday, December 1st, 2008 at 9:00 am by paul in Social Bees. More in 10011

One of the perks to my job is that I get to travel occasionally. I personally like the opportunity to see other cities instead of sitting at my desk, especially when I am visiting the city on someone else’s dime. While I love New York City and shed a tear almost every time I have to leave, I enjoy seeing what is out there is other cities in regards to gay life. This past year I traveled to Houston, Denver and Nashville and in each city I was able to locate a fun gay bar and even had some hot hotel sex!

Conference sex is a very new and exciting concept for me. Basically, I go into this city having done a small amount of research on the local gay bars and possible hook up areas, then I figure out where in reference to my hotel they are and hopefully have a smashing good time when I’m not scheduled to be working! I think my craziest night came on the night before check out in Denver. I had happened upon this restaurant where all the waiters were incredibly sexy and by all I mean, every single one was completely ‘do-able!’

The proprietor of the restaurant (who unfortunately was the least ‘do-able’) seemed to take a liking to me and bought not only several rounds of cosmos for me, but took me (along with his ‘do-able’ staff) out to a nearby bar for more drinks. Well, this last night in Denver, I desperately wanted to have Conference sex! I had brought enough condoms for two romps a day plus an additional three, just in case! Well, I had yet to use one, so I made it my mission to have sex with the hottest waiter at this restaurant. I did my best to get him to go home, but apparently his home was in the opposite direction of the hotel I was staying out. I left, well after closing, and got a ride from the pedicab who brought me there. On the way back to the hotel, I thought this ‘straight’ pedicab driver could certainly make due, so I proceeded to tell him how I wanted to have sex before leaving Denver and he apologized for not being able to help, but did reach into his coat pocket and gave me a joint!

Typically, I don’t smoke any sort of substance, but I figured, what the heck. I arrived at the hotel and thanked him for his service and pot and proceeded to go into the hotel lobby and ask for matches, as I had none on me. As I’ve had several cosmos at this point, I not only asked for matches, but told the woman at the front desk about my quest to have sex with one of the hot waiters, who unfortunately lived on the other side of town and then the pedicab driver wouldn’t have sex with me, but did give me the blunt and here I am asking her for some matches, since I don’t smoke! She laughed (I vaguely remember) and had me order a burger to arrive at my room following my smoke, outside.

While outside, I smoked my pot and proceeded to tell this story, which I have now found incredibly amusing, to the lovely couple sitting outside attempting to enjoy their own cigarette break. They wished me luck on my quest for sex and told me to enjoy my burger, which was just arriving at my room the same moment as me. I figured my night was over and I was not going to be having sex. Well, that was until I noticed the new mail icon flashing on manhunt, which I had accidentally left on. I got to talking with this guy and low and behold, he was staying only a few floors above me. I told him to get down to my room right away and sure enough I was able to finish off my work in Denver with some incredibly hot Conference sex!

One would think the story would end with the hot hook up, but it took a surprising turn when myself and co-workers were at the airport waiting for our red eye flight back to the Big Apple. I was heading to the water cooler to get a quick drink and as I was walking back I heard “pssst.” I turned around and this guy who was sitting on the floor seemed to be ‘psssting’ at me. I went over hesitantly and realized that it was Conference Sex Guy. He told me how hot of a time it was and wanted to know if we could have a repeat performance in the bathroom. I declined and he proceeded to call me a different name than my own. I corrected him and then he informed me that I had told him my name was that… ok, so Conference sex sometimes gets a little bit crazier than normal sex, simply because generally you don’t have to see the person ever again, but in this case… whoops!

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