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Gay Life – The Paulinator: It’s About Love, Stupid

Posted Friday, November 21st, 2008 at 9:00 am by paul in Media Buzz. More in 10024

As much as I talk about random hook ups and having sex frequently with ‘first name only’ guys, deep down I like to consider myself a hopeless romantic. I was not always on the quest for Mister Right. As you may remember I only recently came out to myself and my friends. While Mr. Right Now has always played a part in my life I was truly hoping to find a cute Miss Right. A woman I could settle down with, marry and start a family! I had this idea of the perfect family and truly believed that in order to find happiness I needed to follow this specific path.

I find it ironic I was about to throw away my true happiness for some idea of what I imagined happiness should be. Ten years ago, I witnessed my older sister getting married and knew that is what I wanted: someone to share my life with. I knew though, at that time, the only way I could find someone to marry was if I was straight because men are not allowed to be with other men.

That is how I thought until I grew up and realized that men should be allowed to marry whomever they choose, man or woman. And women should be allowed to marry whomever they choose! What a concept! I know!?! Recently, California residents voted Yes on Proposition 8, a concept that I, along with many like-minded individuals can not comprehend.

The same day Connecticut allowed everyone to pick up marriage certificates, I took part in my first ever protest. For the first time since coming out, I truly believed I could find that happiness I discussed earlier and not have to compromise any of my own feelings. That day, 10,000 believers in equal rights, marched from the Mormon Temple just east of Lincoln Center down to Columbus Circle! Chanting, singing and standing up for what we believe in has never felt so great!

Imagine this: how many marriages could be saved if gay men were allowed to marry other men instead of thinking the only way to have that typical ‘American Family’ is to marry a woman! I saw one sign that clearly summed up the entire movement against Prop 8 and the quest for equal rights for all humans, simply put it read, “It’s about love, stupid!”

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