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Gay Life – The Paulinator: String Bean to Buff Machine

Posted Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 11:01 am by paul in Healthy Bees. More in 10011

Pump you up!

Back in high school I was called a “string bean” and I am pretty sure while I haven’t heard it said to my face, that term still could be applied to me today. I really have no qualms about the way I look and I am quite pleased with the man I have grown to be, especially over the past few months as I became more and more accepting of my sexuality.

Yet my appearance has always been a big issue for me, especially as I attempt to work my way into the superficial entertainment industry where I’m constantly being judged on the way I look. Lucky for me I have high self-esteem and don’t take comments or criticism on my body type, receding hairline or voice to heart. That being said, I decided it was time to put this new Out Paul into gear and revamp my overall appearance.

First thing to go was my hair! I can’t fight the receding hairline any longer and even though I enjoyed being able to style what I could, it was getting to become all about the over-sized forehead. I purchased a pair of clippers at Duane Reade and proceeded to buzz my hair! That was the easy part of the overall transformation.

Step two has been ongoing for a little while now and I absolutely am in love with this process! I have decided to upgrade from a string bean figure to a well-toned and slightly more muscular string bean! A friend of mine gave me a free 30-day membership to David Barton Gym, and of course working in Chelsea, their 23rd street location has been the ideal after work hang out. And hang out is not exactly what I’ve been doing, the first day was a bit overwhelming, not really having knowledge of gym equipment I stayed on the treadmill for about thirty minutes and then walked around to check out the facility, which is very much like a night club with weight lifting machines.

The music is incredibly upbeat, the Chelsea boys are all delicious to look at and there is definitely a sexual presence the moment you step foot in the locker room. Who hasn’t had that locker room, porn fantasy? Awhile back during a two week free trial at New York Sports Club, I actually got to live out that fantasy, albeit brief, as we rendezvoused for a moment in the steam room, but quickly dressed and made our way around the block to his building where we finished what we started, in a more private and legal environment.

The transformation is definitely underway as I can see muscles that I have never noticed before and certainly people are taking notice… will this be enough to help me snag a Mr. Right or a Mr. Right Now, stay tuned!

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