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Gay Life – The Paulinator: Treasure Island

Posted Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 11:58 am by paul in Social Bees. More in 10010

With the return of Hot Bartender this week, The Paulinator’s love life has definitely been more interesting. Why you ask? This idea of “being in a relationship” is all new territory for me. While I am somewhat enjoying the idea of having a relationship with Hot Bartender, I would very much prefer to move past the idea and into an actual relationship.

In my quest for us to become a hot item I have reached out and asked for help among my friends who I feel have some sort of knowledge of how the game works. Here’s the thing… most of my friends who are giving me advice are single. It’s like a acting student at Juilliard going around to various restaurants and asking the waitstaff (unemployeed actors) for career advice. While I love my single ladies (both my friends and the fierce Beyonce video), I needed to take their advice  with a grain of salt.

The best advice I received was to always remember I’m a treasure, and treasures don’t do the hunting. I wasn’t even friends with the single lady that doled out this gem to me, but the minute the statement left her lips we have become great friends. As I’m usually the obsessor in whatever fantasy relationship I create, this was an excellent mantra for me to continue to say. Whenever I wanted to pick up my cell and text, I would simply repeat, “I’m a treasure,” and my urge to text would subside.

Now I can only go so long being a treasure and wait for someone to find me, so this past weekend I took it upon myself to modify my new mantra. You see, I was not expecting Hot Bartender to be working Monday night, but lo and behold, he was… and he was looking great! My confirmation he was back in town had arrived and I had to do everything in my power to get him to want me. Lucky for me he wasn’t behind the bar for most of the night. Unfortunately for me I was unable to get retain his attention long enough for us to have a decent conversation. I left feeling a little defeated, but knew it wasn’t over yet.

The following day I got a text message from him saying it was great to see me last night! Cue restored enthusiasm! After being unable to make it to the bar later in the week, I sent a text apologizing that I wouldn’t make it but hoped to see him at some point during the weekend. Sure enough I awoke to a text after he finished his shift it seems, he would like that, too! Of course I’ve been down that road before and so far it’s all talk, well, all talk via text message!

Sunday, my altered mantra came to be. As I debated whether or not to go out and see Hot Bartender, I decided to go ahead and do it because who says a treasure has to be buried?! There are plenty of treasures out in plain sight for all to see. What an excellent decision. After seeing how he is with me and with other customers, it became clear – at least to me – that he likes me. After several beers (I know on a Sunday night, shame on me…) I sent him the text, “I REALLY like you. I just have to tell you that.” And you know, it felt okay sending it. As I waited for a response… and waited some more… I still felt okay.

Cut to: The following afternoon. I still hadn’t heard anything back from Hot Bartender, until the afternoon when he hoped my day was going well. With a smilely face! For what it’s worth, he now knows how I feel and you know what they say, “Knowing is half the battle.”

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