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Waxing Literary: Pants on fire

Posted Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 3:07 pm by Kat in Cultural Bees. More in 10036

There’s nothing quite so awful as getting caught in a lie– particularly if, like me, you are an absolutely terrible liar. There’s the shortness of breath, the burning ears, the disconcerting sense that somehow, somewhere, your mother knows what you have done and is really disappointed in you … hoo, boy, it’s The Pits.

But catching someone else in a lie?

Well, that’s just good fun.

July 2nd at the Bryant Park Reading Room, writer Andy Christie hosts a very special edition of The Liar Show: a whimsical collection of personal anecdotes by four of New York’s lovely young literary things. Each performer shares a story, but – and this is where the lying comes in – one of said stories is completely and totally untrue.

Says the show’s website:

After the stories have been told, all four performers return to the stage and defend their stories while the audience rakes them over the coals with a fact-finding question and answer session, refereed by the host.
Each audience member casts a ballot and when the Liar is revealed, the perceptive geniuses who have guessed correctly walk away with a prize T-shirt amid a bitter chorus of “Congratulations, Einstein,” from the empty-handed losers.

There is no mention of what happens to the lying liar who lied; perhaps he is forced to exit the auditorium with his pants around his ankles while the audience points and laughs.
Tomorrow’s performance features four splendid writers: Ophira Eisenberg, author of I Killed: True Stories of the Road from American’s Top Comics ; Alix Strauss, author of Have I Got a Guy for You: What Really Happens When Mom Fixes You Up ; Eve Lederman, author of Shag’s Little Book of Love: Dating, Mating, and Mischief Making ; and James Braly, author of Life in a Marital Institution .
Stop by Bryant Park tomorrow at 12:30pm for your chance to play interrogator, judge and jury. I’d totally go, but I have to… um… wash my hair.*
*Ok, ok, I lied. I’m actually going on a date. With your mom.
The Bryant Park Reading Room is located on the 42nd Street side of the park between the back of the NYPL & 6th Avenue.

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