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What will 8th Street Bee?

Posted Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 at 10:50 pm by Alexis in Worker Bees. More in 10011

Living in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, I have been observing the steady transformation of 8th Street over the last few months. Now, I am not speaking of the historic St. Marks Street, which I’m pretty sure will never change, I am referring specifically to the section of 8th street between 5th and 6th Avenues. As one reviewer on-line put it, “West 8th Street is blowing up with all kinds of new places these days.” Gone are most of the seedy shoes stores, having been replaced by restaurants, wine bars, a jazz club, nice retail stores, and cafes. By the empty store fronts that have construction notices in the windows, it looks as if there is more to come. As I live close by, I fully welcome this change, and though I love shoes, the ambiance on this street has greatly improved. I have been frequenting a few places on this street in the last few weeks and have become quite neighborly with them – just like Cheers!

One of my favorites is Sushi Yawa, which is one of the newer additions to West 8th street. This place is really cool looking inside and has a great atmosphere. They have a great sushi bar that has stones embedded along the front. Sushi Yawa has really fresh sushi, reasonable prices, and a really nice staff. One thing I like is they always give you this really tasty fruity gum when you get your check.. I love it when places add small touches like that. One of my favorite things to order when I am there is the Crazy Tuna Roll, it’s got a “crazy” amount of ingredients and is super tasty. They also have daily specials, and the ones I’ve tried have been great. These days this is my “go to” sushi place, and when I’m too lazy to walk to the 1 block to get there, I always have the option of ordering delivery.

The next place I’ve been going a lot is Elettaria.This place has only been open a few weeks is surprisingly so popular already. In fact, I try to get there early so I can grab seats at the bar. Interestingly, I was told by one of the chef’s that they haven’t done any PR or advertising yet, which is crazy. The two chefs are formerly from Craft, so I guess that’s why they have a following, and I have to say I am quite impressed with the décor and food. The kitchen is completely out in the open, which is neat looking and fun. The food is very good, especially the fried quail, which I think I’m becoming addicted to. Seriously, once you try it you won’t stop going back. Though I haven’t tried any of the cocktails, they certainly look exotic and potent. As I was watching the well trained bartenders, I saw a cocktail being made with a raw egg. It’s called the Dufftown Flip and oddly it looks really good. Maybe I’ll get up the courage and try it soon.

I’m Alexis and you’ll be seeing me around the blog reviewing stuff in and around my neighborhood and talking about Neighborbee’s marketing initiatives. So be sure to “catch the buzz” for some of neighborbee’s marketing starting in April. I’ll give you a hint.. you’ll BEE sure to see us in the least on the Upper West Side for now.

  • Allison

    The 8th street transformation is long overdue – so thanks for these tips! There is a great wine store called IS WINE over that is great as well. It would be great to see some success on 8th street. Great blog – I’ll be checking it out more often now.

  • Nelly Nel

    Yes, I also have witnessed the revitalization of 8th St. within the past year. Its been great to have new, tasty affordable restaurants, cool new shops and a positive, changing atmosphere for the residents and businesses along this famous corridor of the West Village. Gone are the days of endless tacky retail stores and bad restaurants, but Papaya hot dogs on the corner of 6th Ave will always be around, yum!!

  • Robin Buchler

    I had the pleasure of going to Elettaria with Alexis and I hvae to say, what a great find!! She turned me on to the fried quail, which you have to try, because she is right, it is so good, it’s addictive! Can’t wait to try your other places!

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