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About Neighborbee

Welcome to neighborbee – a community where you can find out what’s happening in your community and connect with your neighbors.

Here at neighborbee, we think YOU are the bee’s knees! We know that locals are the best source for up-to-date information about everything that matters in a community. With the option to post publicly or communicate privately with just your neighbors, we make it easy for you to share tips or write about any aspect of your neighborhood.

Neighborbee started as a blog, founded in 2008, aptly called neighborbeeBlog. was a NYC-based blog that focused on life in the five boroughs of New York City. We had more than 70 volunteer writers who covered a variety of topics like the theater, restaurant reviews, dating, cooking, shopping, and much more.

When our continued growth demanded a new hive with all the trappings, we kept all the blog posts and combined the best features of microblogging, social networking, and traditional blogging into this single, hyper-local site.

With neighborbee, you can grow and pollinate your community by sharing ideas and other insights with other busy bees on your block or in your building.

neighborbee’s mission is to make your neighborhood life better.

Why bees?

Known for their strong sense of community, collaboration, and industriousness, honeybees are integral contributors to successful crop and flower cultivation due to their key role in the pollination process. Like bees, when we work together and share our knowledge and resources, we can build a rich and robust community.

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